VEO and Team Rubicon Making A Difference In The Veteran Community

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To the VEO and Team Rubicon, taking care and being grateful to those men and women in uniform should not stop when the discharge papers are issued.  It must carry on with the support of our nation behind each and every veteran.  Unfortunately, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, drug use, alcoholism, and other conditions/addictions lead to despair and hopelessness.  With a variety of events not intended to be discussed in this post, many veterans, now find themselves in unchartered waters.  Unable to maintain any semblance of their former selves, many veterans find themselves homeless.  In other cases, those same brave men and women are lost when their military missions are over.   With their missions complete, their personal direction becomes misguided, leading to complications many civilians cannot understand.  For this reason, we focus our attention on two organizations that combat these circumstances every day.  The VEO and Team Rubicon not only support the betterment of our veteran community, but they do so with dignity and respect.

With their personal new-found mission identified, members of Team Rubicon find themselves helping others after natural disasters.  Redirected, they use their military training and engagement to support local communities, organizing recovery and rebuilding efforts across the United States and beyond.  Unpaid and strictly voluntary, Team Rubicon leverages the skill sets of today’s modern warrior into an all-out effort to rebuild communities following major disasters.  In return, these warriors ask for nothing but the chance to once again serve this great nation, affording them an opportunity to “Charlie Mike”.

Other Warriors Are Still Without A Mission

Veteran homelessness is a sad, but true reality facing many in the United States.  Each year thousands of veterans find themselves without shelter, support, or a single meal to eat.  Lacking financial means and in some cases, personal identification, working with the Veteran Affairs Administration can be confusing and impossible for some to navigate.  It can take up to 6 weeks for paperwork to process, resulting in lost opportunities to help veterans get on their feet.  Here a transition plan with shelter and support is needed.  It is through the efforts of community organizations that the fight against veteran homelessness is met head-on daily.  The Veterans Empowerment Organization is one such organization.

Brothers And Sisters In Arms Lending A Hand – VEO and Team Rubicon

Over the past three years, I have engaged the Veteran Empowerment Organization or VEO for short, sitting as a member of the board of directors in the fight against veteran homelessness. I now see first-hand the impact it has on our community.  In this podcast, the VEO and Team Rubicon take on the issues of homelessness as well as self-respect and sustainability, both aspects near and dear to anyone that has ever worn a uniform.  Learn more about Brian Smith and his work at

Let’s Be A Hero/Heroine To Our Warriors

Each February, the Veterans Empowerment Organization hosts the annual gala as its primary fund-raising event.  Please visit for more information on this amazing event and the mission it supports.  Please, take the time to listen to the show and consider getting involved personally or through your corporate organization.  It is critical that we now take on the role of protector, just as they did, each and every day they served without regard of themselves, but for the sake of you and me.